We took a veritably discerned strategy on 5G from the beginning ’ Motorola

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Prashanth Mani, Executive Director at Motorola Asia Pacific, states that the company has taken a unique approach to 5G, by ensuring  that all bands are supported irrespective of price point. As 5G networks start rolling out in the country, the issue of device support remains a critical bone . And one brand that appears to have taken a different approach is Motorola. According to Prashanth Mani, Executive Director at Motorola Asia Pacific, the company has assured that all of its 5G phones support all thirteen bands for the technology, and this is irrespective of the price. “ We took a veritably discerned strategy on 5G from the morning. We did n’t know what bands will get launched in India. So we decided to be ready with all thirteen bands and that’s commodity we did n’t just do in the decoration portfolio, which is generally done by others. Indeed in our Rs,000 bias similar as G61, and latterly the G62, which … Continue reading “We took a veritably discerned strategy on 5G from the beginning ’ Motorola”