WhatsApp feature update to enable message disappearance feature for multiple chats, according to new report

The new features are integrated with WhatsApp’s message loss option.

WhatsApp recently started testing the Delete for Everyone feature extension to allow users to delete all messages from their contacts within a specified time limit. Currently, the company seems to be planning to allow users to select multiple chats to delete.

WhatsApp currently allows users to enable individual chat features. This means that users need to open the app individually to enable multiple chats. According to a report from WABetaInfo, a
app feature tracker site, meta-based companies are currently testing the ability to enable features in multiple chats at once. This feature is currently being rolled out through a new version of WhatsApp called

What does this mean for users?

This new feature allows users to easily enable or disable the option to enable or disable the message disappearance feature in multiple chats. It also saves time.

How the feature works

The new function will be incorporated into WhatsApp’s option for messages that vanish. In the area that reads, “Apply this message time to other chats,” it will be displayed as an additional link.

Users can access the list of all currently running groups and conversations in the app by clicking the link. The message timer can then be activated by tapping on the link. Users won’t be able to arrange various chats to start at various times.

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