We took a veritably discerned strategy on 5G from the beginning ’ Motorola

Prashanth Mani, Executive Director at Motorola Asia Pacific, states that the company has taken a unique approach to 5G, by ensuring  that all bands are supported irrespective of price point.
As 5G networks start rolling out in the country, the issue of device support remains a critical bone . And one brand that appears to have taken a different approach is Motorola. According to Prashanth Mani, Executive Director at Motorola Asia Pacific, the company has assured that all of its 5G phones support all thirteen bands for the technology, and this is irrespective of the price.

“ We took a veritably discerned strategy on 5G from the morning. We did n’t know what bands will get launched in India. So we decided to be ready with all thirteen bands and that’s commodity we did n’t just do in the decoration portfolio, which is generally done by others. Indeed in our Rs,000 bias similar as G61, and latterly the G62, which costs Rs,000, the 5G band support is the same, ” Mani told indianexpress over a call.
He added that the company believes most consumers buying a phone over Rs,000 will look for a 5G-ready device. “ In our portfolio, further than 40 of our businesses are passing on 5G bias every day, ” he said. And there’s a clear explanation why Motorola has gone for 13- band support across 5G bias.

“ perhaps originally the N78 band is going to be the applicable bone because that’s a high– frequence band which is further about speed. But when it comes to contentindeed Jio is going to use the N28. Say as you move into the outskirts of Bombay, the N28 band will be important. Phones without this will have a poor 5G experience, ” he refocused out. Regarding, Standalone andNon-Standalone 5G, he said Motorola is ready for both. The company has formerly started rolling out updates for this to its decoration phones in the Edge series and plans to complete updates for other 5G bias by the first week of November 2022.
Regarding, India performance, Mani said the company has continued to see double– number growth in the request – though it isn’t yet in the top five smartphone manufacturers in the countryAccording to Mani, the company’s “ decoration strategy also has been working exceedingly well, ” in India.

“ I suppose our focus will continue to remain on mobile phones. It has been rapid-fire growth in mobiles and it’s time to gauge up. Our precedence is to grow to a certain scale, and we ’re targeting 5 request share, ” he stressed.
Interestingly, Motorola is also bullish on decoration phones doing well in India. According to Mani, there are two clear trends they’re seeingespecially around the gleeful season. “ This is a season where we’re seeing our volumes go up. It’s also that we’re seeing the profit go up, as the ASP is adding . Premium phones have seen a more prominent growth. I would say this isn’t just from a Motorola point of view. But indeed as an assiduity we see that shift started passing, ” he added.

But what about accessories and other biasAccording to Mani, while Motorola will continue to offer tablets and smart TVs online via Flipkart, their high focus right now would be around smartphones.


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