Watch Dogs 2, Dusk Falls, and More on the Xbox Game Pass in July 2022

MotoGP 22, Inside, and Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion are also on the way

Starting today, July 19, Xbox Game Pass will get a number of new games in San Francisco Bay in the second half of July. Other titles include As Dusk Falls, which releases its first day on console, cloud and PC, and the long-awaited DLC for the racing simulator Forza Horizon 5. These games and more are available free of charge to all Game Pass subscribers.

players in India can now purchase their first Xbox GamePass Ultimate subscription for Rs. 50, then the user will be charged rupees. 499 per month. This plan includes access to hundreds of high-quality games on the console and PC, same-day release exclusively for Xbox, member discounts, and free in-game content. This bundle also includes an Xbox Live Gold subscription that enables seamless online multiplayer games.

It’s not a hassle, but here’s a list of all the new games that will be available on the Xbox Game Pass starting July 19th.

Xbox Game Pass July 19

Dusk Falls (Cloud, Console, PC)-Available from day one on the Game Pass, this title is an original interactive drama that explores the intertwined life of two families over 30 years. Much of the gameplay is defined by dialog options that play in a visual novel format with no moving artifacts, with choices that affect the final result.

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