Use these suggestions to free up some storage space on your Apple iPhone

If you have an Apple iPhone and are running out of storage space, it is time to clean up. Here are some suggestions for Apple iPhone users in India on how to free up some storage space.

I’m secretly crying inside every time someone asks me to help them save space on their iPhone. Because I know this will take time, patience, and effort. And if you don’t keep track, it’s easy to run out of space on an iPhone. To be honest, even with a 128GB iPhone, I’ve already used up half of the storage space. And I am someone who spends a significant amount of time performing a monthly data clean on the majority of my devices. So here are some helpful hints for reclaiming storage space on your iPhone.

First, here’s how to see the storage space left

Go to Settings>General and then tap on iPhone storage.

It may take a few seconds, but the iPhone will display a breakdown of how much storage space is remaining on your iPhone. For example, on my device, nearly 66GB of data has been consumed out of 128GB. You can also see the breakdown, which shows how much storage each app takes up.

For example, on my iPhone, the majority of storage space is taken up by apps, followed by media files and iOS. Photos aren’t so bad because I use iCloud to back them up.

There’s also the ‘Recommendations’ option, which suggests that I ‘Review Downloaded Videos.’ Tapping on this will take me to my downloaded videos, and Apple suggests that I move some of these to the cloud to save up to 1GB of space.

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You can see how much storage space each app takes up below. Podcasts, for example, have consumed 10GB of data in my case, while Photos and WhatsApp are close to 5GB each, and Netflix consumes a whopping 1.29 GB.

So, how does one go about clearing out all of this space? Let’s begin with some fundamentals.

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