Review of the Google Pixel Buds Pro: Excellent Sound and Practical Design

Google kids Pro was blazoned along with the Pixel 6a smartphone a many months back. The Pixel kids Pro are Google’s Pro interpretation of its true wireless earbuds, analogous to Apple and Samsung having their separate Pro earbuds in the requestCompared to those two brands, Google has big thrills to fillespecially after the not- so emotional debut from the Pixel kids earbuds last time.

The Pixel kids Pro also carries a advanced price label of Rs,990 which makes it immediate insolvable for Google to go awry this time aroundSo, how does the Google Pixel kids Pro make on the regular Pixel kids and does it deliver on pledge of being a decoration interpretation? We used it for over a week and then’s our review.


The design of the Pixel kids Pro has brought up intriguing perceptivity. Some have questioned its ergonomics, while some have misdoubted its overall effectiveness to shut out the medium noise. Well, using the earbuds gave us a clear idea about how the Pixel kids Pro works when worn and use them for a longer period.

The earbuds fit snugly into our cognizance, and Google indeed has a point on the Pixel kids app to make sure the kids are sealedcompletely.However, you can try the different cub sizes available in the box, If not.

Indeed the charging case is compact, and unlike the most earbuds we’ve these with the stem design( like the AirPods), Google has decided for commodity unconventional, and it works to good effect. The Pixel kids Pro gets custom- sized 11 mm motorists that not only give you a nuanced sound, but also affect in the slightly bulgier earbuds.

The active noise cancellation offered on the Pixel kids Pro does a good job blocking out the noise and allowing you to concentrate on the main effects, i.e. watching a movie in a crowded field, or indeed sitting inside an office with people around. Google allows you to hold the right earbud to spark disable the NC, which is when you get the translucency mode. The touch controls let you change the volume, and the smart gesture means the videotape playback, or audio stops the moment the earbuds are off your cognizance.

The sound quality of the Pixel kids Pro did surprise us a bitespecially in the high notes, where the audio clarity was emotional, and themid-level bass was punchy enough to keep the music grooving.

Indeed while watching pictures and harkening to podcasts, the audio was crisp and you could fluently calculate on the Pixel kids Pro for your diurnal use, audiophiles might presumably feel it’s missing thex-factor that they crave.

Google claims the Pixel kids Pro has a longer battery life, and during our tests it came apparent. We managed to charge the earbuds and the case to 100 per cent, and did n’t need to charge it for the coming bone week. For utmost people, that’s further than enough.


Still, Google Pixel kids Pro faces some challenges with its NC point, If we’re to nitpick. When you compare its quality to the NC on a Sony or a Sennheiser earbuds in this price range, the Pixel kids Pro throws a high– pitch hiss sound, which comes out of nowhere when the ANC is enabledNow we’re hoping that it’s not a recreating issue, and Google can fix that with a software update.

also, we set up the translucency mode on the Pixel kids Pro underwhelming. It surely pales in front of the performance that a Sony WF- 1000XM4 or the Sennheiser earbuds give. These are some effects that Google can work upon and make it better with the coming replication.


Google has surely pushed the envelope with the Pixel kids Pro and it was anticipated with a big jump in the price label. The design is unique and might not work for everyone, but still it manages to make sense. Pixel kids Pro gets active noise cancellation, which is effective to a large extent, but the translucency mode could be better.

The battery life is acceptable, and as for the sound quality, it’ll please utmost people who bear a high– end wireless earbuds that provides good position of bass, punchy mids and good enough for podcasts as well. But the competition is tough, and for Android folks, you also have other recognised brands like Sony andSennheiser.However, literally, it’s worth going for, If the Pixel kids Pro fits your case.

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