According to Google, PiP users outside of the US will need to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

In 2021, YouTube began to expand the use of its Picture-in-Picture (PiP) capability. Users of the video streaming app can view videos and utilize other apps on their mobile simultaneously thanks to this well-liked feature. For access to the PiP features, YouTube subscribers in markets outside of the US need to have a Premium subscription. However, as some posts on social media sites suggest, non-premium users in Europe are already able to utilize YouTube’s PiP capability, this could change in the future.

There are several Reddit threads indicating that YouTube is introducing PiP mode for non-subscribers outside of the United States. To bolster the veracity of the claims, the articles contain videos demonstrating the feature, which shows a mini-player for music videos in a floating window as the users use other apps on their devices. Users who are primarily from Europe appear to have noticed the PiP function on their gadgets.

Plans to extend PiP to non-subscribers outside of the US have not yet been disclosed by YouTube. Therefore, one should proceed with caution when considering this information. It is rumored that Google is testing PiP on a limited subset of European consumers who are not Premium subscribers. Unknown issues may also have contributed to the unintentional rollout.

But a recent remark from the X account on YouTube refutes this assertion. It says that PiP is presently only available with Premium subscribers outside of the US. Users outside of the US will need to subscribe to Premium in order to access PiP, according to YouTube’s help website.

Back in 2021, Google revealed Picture-in-Picture functionality for all YouTube Premium customers on iOS across the globe, including India. The ability to multitask has long been present on Android devices.

In India, YouTube Premium is Rs. 129 a month. For new users, Google is giving away a one-month free membership plan. For students, the monthly subscription is Rs. 79. The family plan, which costs Rs. 189, permits the addition of up to five household members. A yearlong subscription from Google costs Rs. 1,290, while a three-month plan costs Rs. 399. In addition to PiP, YouTube Premium offers features including offline viewing, downloads, ad-free content, and access to YouTube Music Premium.

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