News Update on Newton’s Law Research: Dec – 2019

Finite time optimizations of a Newton’s law Carnot cycle

We treat the matter of best finite time operations of a engine victimization AN arbitrary  operating fluid and dealing between 2 constant temperature heat reservoirs. we have a tendency to add a simplified framework (’’Newton’s law thermodynamics’’) that considers solely losses related to the warmth exchange processes. we discover the operations that maximize power, efficiency, effectiveness, and profit and people that minimize the loss of obtainable work and therefore the production of entropy. we discover every one|that every one} these best operations turn up with the operating fluid exchanging heat at a continuing rate with each reservoir (implying a continuing rate of entropy production) and undergoing adiabatic processes instantly. [1]

Gravity in minesmdashAn investigation of Newton’s law

The proof that price|the worth} of the Newtonian G G inferred from measurements of gravity g in mines and boreholes is of order 1 Chronicles above the laboratory value is hardened with new and improved information from 2 mines in northwest Australian state. Surface-gravity surveys and over fourteen 000 bore-core density values are wont to establish density structures for the mines, allowing full three-dimensional inversion to get G. additional constraint is obligatory by requiring that the density structure offer constant price of G for many vertical profiles of g, separated by many meters. the sole residual doubt arises from the likelihood of bias by Associate in Nursing abnormal regional gradient. Neither measurements of gradient on top of ground level (in tall chimneys) nor surface surveys square measure nevertheless equal to take away this doubt, however the coincidence of conclusions derived from mine information obtained in numerous elements of the globe makes such Associate in Nursing anomaly seem an incredible clarification. [2]

Low scale unification, Newton’s law and extra dimensions

Motivated by recent work on low energy unification, during this short note we have a tendency to derive corrections on Newton’s inverse sq. law because of the existence of additional decompactified dimensions. within the multidimensional large limit we discover that the corrections ar of Yukawa kind. within the compactified area of n-extra dimensions the sub-leading term is proportional to the (n+1)-power of the gap over the compactification radius magnitude relation. Some physical implications of those modifications ar shortly mentioned.  [3]

Newton’s Laws of Motion

THERE is some extent in reference to Newton’s laws of motion that tha text-books on dynamics, that found the science upon those laws, appear to Pine Tree State to depart terribly inconveniently and unnecessarily mysterious. the purpose to that I hint is that the that means of the words “rest or uniform motion in a very straight line” within the initial law. The troublesome words square measure “uniform” and “straight,” that after all {are|ar|area unit|square Pine Tree Stateasure} every of them senseless till it’s explained what the motion is with reference to; however this rationalization isn’t given expressly in any of the books on dynamics that i’m familiar with; and a comparison of their varied statements leaves me in some doubt on what’s meant to be inexplicit. [4]

Quantum Corrections to the Newton’s Law from the Galilean Limit of Quantum Gravity

In this work the author derives the Galilean limit of the quantum gravity obtained by victimization the fluid mechanics approach. The result shows that the quantum interaction generates, within the limit of weak gravity, a non-zero contribution. The paper derives the little deviation from the Newtonian law because of the quantum gravity and analyzes the experimental options to validate the theoretical model. The work conjointly shows that within the frame of the quantum gravity the equivalence principle between the mechanical phenomenon and mass may be desecrated in terribly extreme conditions. [5]


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