News Update on Contraception Research: Nov – 2019

Use of contraception in the United States: 1982-2008.

OBJECTIVE: This report presents national estimates of contraceptive use and technique selection supported the 1982, 1995, 2002, and 2006-2008 National Surveys of Family Growth (NSFG). METHODS: information for 2006-2008 were collected through in-person interviews with thirteen,495 men and ladies 15-44 years aged within the house population of the us. This report is predicated on the sample of seven,356 girls interviewed in 2006-2008. The response rate for girls within the 2006-2008 survey was concerning seventy six. RESULTS: over ninety nine of girls 15-44 years aged United Nations agency have ever had sexual activity with a male (referred to as “sexually skilled women”) have used a minimum of one birth control. the proportion of girls United Nations agency have ever used emergency birth control, the contraceptive patch, and also the contraceptive ring exaggerated between 2002 and 2006-2008. [1]

Emergency contraception

The term ‘emergency contraception’, as utilized during this paper, refers to ways that are used as emergency procedures to stop gestation following unprotected intercourse. different, less appropnate, terms are postcoital and ‘morning-after’ birth control. References to postcoital preparations will be found as way back as 1500 BC in Egyptian papyri, however it had been not till fairly recently that contraceptive analysis has been able to a minimum of partly fuffill that require. [2]

Emergency Postcoital Contraception

Emergency postcoital contraceptive method could also be outlined because the use of a drug or device to forestall physiological state when intercourse. Unwanted physiological state is common; worldwide, concerning fifty million pregnancies ar terminated annually.1 it’s been calculated that every year the widespread use of emergency stopion|family planning} within the us may prevent over one million abortions and a pair of million accidental pregnancies that finish in vaginal birth.2 a range of various ways of emergency contraceptive method ar accessible (Table 1). the primary to be delineated  was high-dose steroid, though presently the foremost wide used may be a combination of steroid and steroid. [3]

Natural menstrual rhythm and oral contraception diversely affect exhaled breath compositions

Natural oscillation and/or contraception variously have an effect on girls metabolites. Longitudinal metabolic identification beneath constant experimental conditions is thereby realistic to know such effects. Thus, we have a tendency to investigated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) exhalation throughout emission cycles in twenty four young and healthy girls with- and while not contraception. exhaled VOCs were known and quantified in trace concentrations via high-resolution period of time mass-spectrometry, ranging from a catamenia and so perennial follow-up with six intervals together with ensuing hemorrhage. perennial measures among biologically comparable teams were utilized beneath optimized measurement setup. [4]

Knowledge and Practice of Hormonal Contraception among High School Teens

Background: Unwanted pregnancies in sexually active teenagers provide headaches to several oldsters and square measure devastating for the women themselves. the employment of secretion family planning (HC) is a problem, however the promotion of HC at this age is maybe a posh issue.

Objective: assess data and observe of HC among highschool ladies in African nation.

Methods: 134 ladies aged fifteen to nineteen from 2 high colleges responded confidentially to a typical open form on their data and observe of HC.

Results: quite eighty seven of these surveyed had detected of HC, however not everybody may tell the precise role of taking contraception pills. the most supply of data on family planning was the media and health care suppliers, whereas oldsters and therefore the role of faculty education were negligible. About 10.4% of respondents confirmed having used HC on their own initiative or besieged from their partners. the rationale ladies observe sex at this age is principally financial condition, the requirement to measure richly and culture. quite [*fr1] expect to use family planning if the price is reasonable and that they have complete data on facet effects and the way to use it. [5]


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