News Update on Conflict Resolution Research: Aug – 2019

Characteristics of partnership success: Partnership attributes, communication behavior, and conflict resolution techniques

The formation of partnerships between companies is changing into Associate in Nursing progressively common approach for firms to seek out and maintain competitive advantage. whereas the antecedents of partnership formation and therefore the characteristics of the ensuing cooperative operating relationship are explored within the literature, Associate in Nursing understanding of characteristics related to partnership success is lacking. Such Associate in Nursing understanding is vital in adaptative the prescriptions to create partnerships with the truth that a majority of such partnerships don’t succeed. we have a tendency to conjecture that partnership attributes, communication behavior, and conflict resolution techniques are associated with indicators of partnership success (satisfaction and sales volume within the relationship). The hypotheses are tested with vertical partnerships between makers and dealers. [1]

Natural Resources, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution: Uncovering the Mechanisms

The interpretation of the resource-conflict link that has become most publicized—the rebel greed hypothesis—depends on only one of the many plausible mechanisms that would underlie a relationship between resource dependence and violence. The author catalogues an oversized vary of rival attainable mechanisms, highlights a collection of techniques that will be accustomed establish these mechanisms, and begins to use these techniques to tell apart between rival accounts of the resource-conflict linkages. [2]

Conflict resolution for air traffic management: a study in multiagent hybrid systems

Air traffic management (ATM) of the long run permits for the chance of free flight, during which craft opt for their own optimum routes, altitudes, and velocities. The safe resolution of flight conflicts between craft is important to the success of such a distributed system. during this paper, we tend to gift a technique to synthesize demonstrably safe conflict resolution manoeuvres. the tactic models the craft and also the manoeuvre as a hybrid system and calculates the maximal  set of safe initial conditions for every aircraft so separation is assured within the presence of uncertainties in the actions of the opposite aircraft. samples of manoeuvres mistreatment each speed and heading changes are found out very well. [3]

Neural correlates of distraction and conflict resolution for nonverbal auditory events

In everyday things sensory system selective attention needs listeners to suppress task-irrelevant stimuli and to resolve conflicting data so as to form applicable purposeful selections. historically, these 2 processes (i.e. distractor suppression and conflict resolution) are studied individually. within the gift study we tend to measured neuroelectric activity whereas participants performed a replacement paradigm within which each processes square measure quantified. [4]

Conflict Resolution for Sacramento-San-Joaquin Delta with Stability and Sensitivity Analyses Using the Graph Model

The goal of this paper is to resolve the strategic long dispute for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta California exploitation the Graph Model approach for conflict resolution. To facilitate the analysis, a call network (DSS) has been developed, incorporating multiple-criteria call analysis, stability and equilibrium analysis, and uncertainty analysis exploitation the info-gap technique. The DSS has been used on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta conflict. when specifying the stakeholders with their preferences and doable choices, the DSS known the foremost sturdy resolution, considering the doable actions and counteractions of all stakeholders. resolution strength was then tested below the uncertainty related to stakeholders’ views, and below cooperative and non-cooperative attitudes. The model results counsel the following: (1) with cooperation between the choice manufacturers, building the tunnel is that the presumably resolution to switch the prevailing water export; (2) the second reliable solution is to possess a twin conveyance “tunnel”; (3) once call manufacturers don’t collaborate, no-export water is that the best resolution. what is more, no-export resolution is not possible and unlikely for this drawback since the agriculture production within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta could be a multi-billion business. [5]


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