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“Hemicrania continua”: another headache absolutely responsive to indomethacin

Two cases plagued by a headache apparently discrepant with well recognized headaches area unit delineated . it’s characterised by a gradual, non‐paroxysmal, in all probability severe to moderately severe head ache localized anteriorly or anteroposteriorly and isn’t related to nausea. nonsteroidal {anti-inflammatory|nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug|NSAID} exerts an absolute, persistent and clearly dose‐dependent result on this headache, that differs from unilateral headache syndromes like headache and cervicogenic headache in its temporal pattern and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory response. It differs from chronic attack head ache in its temporal pattern and within the lack of incidental to symptoms. [1]

Pharmacokinetics of indomethacin

Plasma concentrations of Indocin are studied in five healthy volunteers once single and multiple doses (25 mg intravenously [iv], 25, 50, and one hundred mg orally, one hundred mg rectally, and twenty five mg thrice daily [tid]. In eight alternative traditional subjects and in five patients a 50‐mg oral dose of Indocin was given and also the indomethacin concentration was followed from 8 to thirty two time unit once dosing. All analyses were meted out employing a new mass fragmentographic technique. once oral and body part doses the plasma decay of Indocin was biphasic, and also the knowledge were understood in step with a 2‐compartment open model. The half‐life of the β‐phase varied between two.6 and 11.2 hr. the amount of distribution ranged from zero.34 to 1.57 L/kg and also the plasma clearance from zero.044 to 0.109 L/kg/hr. There was no proof of dose‐dependent elimination. Indocin was speedily and well absorbed once oral dosing with peak plasma concentrations among two time unit. Comparison with the realm below the curve (AUC) once iv dosing indicated complete bioavailability. [2]

Inhibition of Human Premature Labor by Indomethacin

A number of experimental studies have incontestable  that the employment of Indocin with success inhibits the activity of prostaglandins. On the premise of those results, an endeavor of Indocin administration was conducted among fifty ladies with clinical proof of confinement. The Indocin had a marked impact on the female internal reproductive organ contractions, stopping them utterly in forty of the patients. The kid salvage rate was good: thirty eight mature infants, twelve immature. there have been four infant deaths and one spontaneous abortion. [3]

Indomethacin reduces rates of aortic dissection and rupture of the abdominal aorta by inhibiting monocyte/macrophage accumulation in a murine model

Aortic dissection could be a critical condition, that is defined by separation of the constituent layers of the arterial blood vessel wall. we’ve recently shown that monocyte/macrophage infiltration into the arterial blood vessel wall could be a unhealthful mechanism of the condition. within the gift study, we tend to investigated whether or not the medicinal drug agent, Indocin, might inhibit monocyte/macrophage accumulation within the arterial blood vessel wall and succeeding dissection. Indocin was administered (from three days previous with daily oral administration) to mice within which arterial blood vessel dissection was evoked mistreatment beta-aminopropionitrile (BAPN) and Hypertensin (Ang II) infusion (2 weeks). Indocin prevented death from abdominal arterial blood vessel dissection and shriveled incidence of aortic dissection by as high as four-hundredth. [4]

Possible Gastroprotective Mechanisms of Dacryodes edulis Extract in Indomethacin-Induced Gastric Ulceration in Male Wistar Rats

African bush Pear called may be a well-known plant in geographic region, the fruits ar edible whereas the bark, leaves, stem and roots ar used for a spread of functions. it’s been antecedently according to possess high inhibitor properties and has additionally been utilized in folkloric medication to treat lesion among alternative ailments. This study thus investigated the attainable anti  lesion mechanisms of action of methanolic leaf extract of Dacryodes edulis (ME) in male Wistar rats.

Fifty (50) male person Wistar rats advisement between one hundred eighty and 200g were at random divided into 2 experimental teams. Twenty 5 (25) animals were any sub-divided into five teams (n=5). the primary subgroup was used for the antiulcer study exploitation nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug induced  ulceration model. The second experimental cluster was accustomed examine the mechanisms of action of ME i.e internal organ mucous secretion secretion, inhibitor enzymes and prostaglandins secretion. every subgroup was divided into; management, alkaliser (positive control) and 3 doses of (ME) D. edulis (50 mg/kg, a hundred mg/kg and two hundred mg/kg) pre-treated for twenty-eight days orally. [5]


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