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Flood power

Channel boundary shear stress and stream power per unit boundary space ar terribly helpful ideas in assessing the role of rare, nice floods in manufacturing major geomorphic responses in stream systems. These variables were determined for the most important well-known flash floods in tiny voidance basins and for 6 historic dam-failure floods, preponderantly within the us. Even a lot of powerful floods is analyzed by paleohydraulic procedures. The epoch town floods and floods on the world Mars approached final limits of flood power outlined by the onset on cavitation in stream flows. -from Authors. [1]

Flood-frequency analyses, Manual of Hydrology: Part 3

This report describes the tactic employed by the U.S. earth science Survey to work out the magnitude and frequency of short peak discharges at anyplace on a stream, whether or not a gaging-station record is accessible or not. the tactic is applicable to a part of any size, as a geographical region or a State, ciao because the region is hydrologically homogenous. The analysis provides 2 curves. the primary expresses the flood discharge-time relation, showing variation of peak discharge, expressed as a quantitative relation to the mean annual flood, with repeat interval. The second relates the mean annual flood to the dimensions of geographical area alone, or to the dimensions space and alternative important basin characteristics. A frequency curve is also outlined for anyplace within the region by use of those 2 curves. [2]

Annual floods and the partial‐duration flood series

Flood information square measure commonly listed either in a verynnual‐flood series or in a partial‐duration series. If the expectation of a arrive the period series ϵ is thought, then the chance of that flood being associate degree annual flood is shown to be e−ϵ. From this relationship it’s attainable to remodel repeat intervals within the partial period series to those within the annual‐flood series. it’s shown that for equivalent floods, the repeat intervals within the partial‐duration series square measure smaller than within the annual‐flood series, however that the distinction becomes inconsequential for floods bigger than concerning five‐year repeat interval. [3]

Extreme Coastal Water Levels Exacerbate Fluvial Flood Hazards in Northwestern Europe

Compound flooding, like the co-occurrence of watercourse floods and extreme coastal water levels (CWL), might result in vital impacts in densely-populated Low Elevation Coastal Zones. they will overstrain disaster management attributable to the co-occurrence of inundation from rivers and therefore the ocean. Recent studies are restricted by analyzing joint dependence between stream discharge and either CWL or storm surges, and small is thought concerning come levels of compound flooding, accounting for the variance between drivers. Here, we tend to assess the compound flood severity and establish hotspots for northwestern Europe throughout 1970–2014, employing a fresh developed Compound Hazard quantitative relation (CHR) that compares the severity of compound flooding related to extreme CWL with the unconditional T-year watercourse peak discharge. [4]

Flood Risk Assesment of Zaria Metropolis and Environs: A GIS Approach

Delineation of flood prone areas at intervals Zaria and surround was allotted. spatial  knowledge like elevation, slope, status and drain distances was wont to delineate flood prone areas. These knowledge were reclassified and weighted mistreatment Analytical hierarchy procedue-multi criteria analysis technique. The ensuing flood risk map reveals the central and north jap a part of the study space as highest flood risk zones, whereas the southwestern a part of the study space because the lowest flood risk issue. Areas represented as having terribly low flood risk account for twenty eight.3% of the study space and covers some eighty six.88 km2. [5]


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