Since its parent company, Meta AI, introduced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Instagram has been experimenting with them. According to a recent leak, the social media network is developing an AI message-writing capability. Users reportedly have the ability to rewrite, paraphrase, and alter the style of written communications in Instagram direct messages (DMs). Concurrently, Threads, the newest social media platform from Meta, has started testing a feature that allows users to bookmark posts for later viewing.

On Thursday, Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer, revealed information on this feature on X (previously known as Twitter). He posted a screenshot of a chat box with selected text that can be seen when the Write With AI option is activated. Paluzzi said, “It will probably paraphrase your message in different styles, similar to how Google’s Magic Compose works,” to a question about its usefulness from another user.

Given that the user must choose and highlight the text in order for the choice to appear, information regarding the AI message-writing feature is unknown, but it seems that the AI is unable to produce messages on its own within the text field. The functionality resembles an AI text editor more as a result. Similar features are available in other existing tools, like rewriting, summarizing, extending the text’s length, altering its tone and style structure, and adding extra contextual information.

It should be mentioned that Instagram’s AI is already capable of creating content using an other method. To do that, users simply need to type the message in any chat window followed by “@Meta AI,” and the AI will reply. The message will also be visible to other participants in the chat. Notably, the business asserts that the AI will only be able to read the messages that have been marked; all other texts will be kept confidential. In the same way, if it is not labeled, it will not be able to reply to any further questions. Currently, Instagram’s AI functionalities can only be accessed within the United States using Meta AI.

Additionally, Threads is testing a new functionality separately. Soon, users will be able to tap the Save button to bookmark their favorite posts. The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, who is also in charge of Threads, stated in a post that the tool will function similarly to Instagram’s Bookmark. Although a date for the feature’s release has not been specified, beta testers and general users should soon have access to it.

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