The designs of the two cellphones seem to be very different.

HMD Global recently declared that it would be taking the risk and releasing some self-branded mobile devices in the upcoming months after selling handsets bearing the Nokia brand for the previous seven years. The business hinted that it has teamed with Mattel to manufacture a feature phone bearing the Barbie brand when it unveiled four pixelated images of forthcoming devices that will be unveiled in July of this year during the unveiling of its new HMD, or Human Mobile Devices, brand launch. We now have our first look at the two future smartphones from the previously teased choices thanks to a new teaser.

Through its official X (formerly Twitter) social media account, HMD released a picture of a grey smartphone that resembled a slate. The phone is somewhat concealed in the shirt and pocket in the picture, but the new HMD logo is visible. The side frame and back panel finishes are also apparent. The phone in this picture resembles smartphone renders that were published in an earlier article and appears to have a matte-finished rear panel with a black frame. This may be the N159V model, which is anticipated to be a low-cost smartphone featuring a twin rear camera configuration.Through its official X (formerly Twitter) social media account, HMD released a picture of a grey smartphone that resembled a slate. The

A second, identical photo of a phone in a pocket was leaked by Nokia Mob. However, this image’s color and finish are clearly different. According to the source, the phone appears to be designed with repairability in mind and bears resemblance to the previously disclosed N159V model. Zooming in on the picture, however, also reveals the fineprint on the camera module, which says “108,” designating a 108-megapixel back camera.

Similar to the publicly leaked image, this phone is seen with a glossy pink rear panel and a black rear camera module. It also proudly displays the new HMD branding without disclosing anything else. The pink phone looks like the cyan-finished, previously leaked HMD that also included a 108-megapixel rear camera configuration.

It is evident from both pictures that the debut date for these smartphones, which have a form factor akin to a slate, is July of this year. Therefore, we will just have to wait and see as more information regarding these forthcoming smartphones is progressively leaked or hinted at.

The lime green gadget, which was part of a pixelated launch that unveiled four items, is still a mystery. During the unveiling, HMD Global revealed that the pink device—which looks like a smaller feature phone—will be a flip phone bearing the Barbie brand, created in collaboration with Mattel, a toy manufacturer. Not much is known about the Barbie feature phone either, however it is anticipated to have a classic style and a recognizable pink finish.

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