Samsung has enhanced control over the color depth intensity by introducing a new Vividness display setting.

Samsung has declared that it will be releasing an update for its smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series. Given that it resolves a number of consumer issues that have surfaced since the phones went on sale, the upgrade is regarded as significant. The most noticeable of them was a display problem that, in contrast to the models from the previous year, seemed to behed out in vivid mode. Now that it has been addressed, the South Korean tech giant can better control the color depth in the display mode thanks to a new Vividness setting. The update also enhances AI (artificial intelligence) performance and adds new camera modes.

The business had previously stated that the modifications made to the vivid mode were deliberate and intended to “provide more accurate and comfortable viewing during use,” according to a report by Teknofilo. But it looks like the internet giant has changed its mind and chosen to give users more control over display settings. In a media statement on Wednesday, Samsung revealed the update, stating, “Based on your feedback, through an upcoming update, we aim to provide enhanced options and experiences across device display and camera.” Samsung noted that various users have different needs.

The update will bring with it a new Vividness setting under Display > Advanced options. With the addition of this option, users will have more control over the color depth intensity be able to slide the bar left and right until the desired level of vibrancy is displayed. There are three distinct levels to the setting. The vivid mode maintains its current condition at zero, but pushing it will increase the vividness to a degree comparable to models from prior years.

In addition, Samsung has enhanced the Galaxy S24 series handsets’ camera system. Improvements have been made to a number of camera modes, including night photography, zoom, portrait mode, rear camera films, and more, according to the note. The visual quality should be significantly better with these improvements.

Lastly, the S24 series smartphones’ Galaxy AI functions have been enhanced by the upgrade. Samsung alluded to changes made to the AI model, although it did not say exactly what those changes were. For the Live Translate feature, it seems to be a technical improvement that enables the AI to comprehend contextual speech in several languages more effectively. The upgrade will be made available to all users in the upcoming days, per the notice.

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