Facebook Groups get new features, including support  for Reels

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Groups on Facebook will now be more engaging than ever while also being a laddie easier to manage. Facebook has blazoned several new advancements for the Groups feature aimed at helping druggies engage more deeply and making operation of Groups an easier job for admins. One of these is an egregious attempt to combat fake news — admins will soon be suitable to sift out flagged posts in Groups. maybe the most significant and fluently conspicuous change in this point dump is the addition of rolls to Groups. Community members can partake now vids related to the content of the Group to engage and interact on a deeper position. “ Imagine people in a makeup– obsessed group participating their rearmost ways and beauty finds with fellow members, ” notes Facebook in its blog post. Next over is another tool that lets you partake a public Facebook event for your community to your Instagram story, allowing you to showcase your community more astronomically. Facebook is also letting druggies add further information to their Group profile to “ foster community connections and connect with other members. ” An About Me section will let you punctuate information you want to partake with your community while a new voluntary index will let others know if you ’re open to messaging. On the admin side of effects, Facebook is testing the capability for group admins and chairpersons to produce view–only exchanges to shoot one- way dispatches to all of their members, without having to go through the pains of temperance. … Continue reading “Facebook Groups get new features, including support  for Reels”

Facebook test feature that allows users to have up to 5 profiles

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Facebook will allow some users to have the ability to create up to four additional profiles, as part of the test, tied to their original account. Facebook is testing new features that allow some users to have multiple profiles, the company said. Facebook will allow some users to create up to four additional profiles linked to their original account as part of their trial. The idea of ​​Facebook is that people can use additional profiles for a variety of purposes. … Continue reading “Facebook test feature that allows users to have up to 5 profiles”