The newest Intel Core Ultra processors with Arc GPUs and Intel Core 14th generation processors form the foundation of Intel’s vPro platform.

During Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 on Tuesday, Intel unveiled vPro, a new platform for AI-powered PCs for companies. The new cloud-based platform with an enterprise focus uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance organizational procedures. According to the corporation, the platform will provide increased stability, a wide range of AI functions, improved security, and additional tools for IT to remotely manage and repair devices. This year, over a hundred laptops, 2-in-1s, desktops, and entry-level workstations from various companies will be equipped with the Intel vPro platform.

The newest Intel Core Ultra processors with Arc GPUs and Intel Core 14th Gen processors form the foundation of the Intel vPro platform. The tech giant revealed that it was collaborating with more than 100 software suppliers, Windows 11, and Copilot teams to provide new AI experiences for business-focused PCs as part of its refresh of its enterprise portfolio with the new platform. The platform will make use of the GPU, NPU, and on-device CPU to deliver the capability (neural processing unit). The performance hybrid architecture of the 14th generation CPUs will be utilized in PCs to maximize computational space for AI applications and multitasking.

According to the business, machines using the new Intel vPro platform will be 47% more productive while using office applications than a PC that is three years old. Another major concern with the platform is security. The new NPU will be utilized by Intel Threat Detection Technology to increase anomaly detection efficiency. In addition, it will be less power-hungry than previous models and capable of detecting such occurrences. To further strengthen defenses against cyberattacks, a new engine will authenticate system firmware.

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