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Latest Research on Lipid Metabolism : Nov 2020

Autophagy regulates lipid metabolism The intracellular storage and utilization of lipids are critical to maintain cellular energy homeostasis. During nutrient deprivation, cellular lipids stored as triglycerides in lipid droplets are hydrolysed into fatty acids for energy. A second cellular response to starvation is the induction of autophagy, which delivers intracellular […]

News Update on Micronutrients Research: Nov – 2019

Micronutrients: oxidant/antioxidant status Potentially damaging species (reactive O, N and element species) arise as by-products of metabolism and as physiological mediators and signalling molecules. Levels of those species ar controlled by the inhibitor weapons system. many elements of this method ar micronutrients (e.g. vitamins C and E) or ar dependent […]