News Update on Biotechnology : April 21

[1] Biotechnology The following topics were reviewed: microbiological engineering (microorganism biochemistry, biomass production, bioconversion); enzymatic engineering (enzymology and biocatalysis, enzyme production, immobilized enzymes, enzymatic reactors); genetic engineering (mutation selection, genetic recombination); quality control of biotechnology products; valorization of agricultural and industrial wastes (methane production). [2] Nantotechniques and approaches in biotechnology […]

Latest Research News on Vector Space : April 21

[1] Space vector PWM control of dual three-phase induction machine using vector space decomposition The technique of vector space decomposition control of voltage source inverter fed dual three-phase induction machines is presented in this paper. By vector space decomposition, the analytical modeling and control of the machine are accomplished in […]

Latest News on Forest Reserve : April 21

[1] Land‐use and cover changes (1988–2002) around budongo forest reserve, NW Uganda: implications for forest and woodland sustainability Land‐use and cover changes around Budongo Forest Reserve (BFR) were analysed from multi‐temporal LandSat images (1988 and 2002) and associated field‐based studies in 2003–2004. Three major land‐use and cover classes: forest/woodland, sugarcane […]