Latest Research on Wheat Genetics : Jun 2020

Chromosome 1B-encoded gliadins and glutenin subunits in durum wheat: Genetics and relationship to gluten strength The progenies of crosses between Berillo and four durum wheat cultivars were analysed for storage protein composition (by four different electrophoresis procedures), genetic segregation and gluten quality (by SDS sedimentation test and Viscoelastograph). The crosses […]

Latest Research on Career Influence: May 2020

Youth Perspectives on Parental Career Influence The role of parents in youth career development is generally acknowledged though, often, perfunctorily. This inquiry examines youth perceptions of parental influence on their career development. We ask young men and women about specific career development attitudes and behaviors that bear on their relations […]

Latest Research on Poverty Level : May 2020

Vaccination coverage by race/ethnicity and poverty level among children aged 19-35 months– United States, 1996. The Childhood Immunization Initiative (CII), implemented in 1993, is an intensive program to increase vaccination coverage among preschool-aged children and to reduce or eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases. In 1996, national coverage goals were achieved for 2-year-old […]

Latest Research News on Aquifer: April 2020

Aquifer overexploitation: what does it mean? Groundwater overexploitation and aquifer overexploitation are terms that are becoming common in water-resources management. Hydrologists, managers and journalists use them when talking about stressed aquifers or some groundwater conflict. Overexploitation may be defined as the situation in which, for some years, average aquifer abstraction […]

Latest Research on Desertification: March – 2020

Biological Feedbacks in Global Desertification Studies of ecosystem processes on the Jornada Experimental Range in southern New Mexico suggest that longterm grazing of semiarid grasslands leads to an increase in the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of water, nitrogen, and other soil resources. Heterogeneity of soil resources promotes invasion by desert […]