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Diagnostic Error in Internal Medicine

Background  The goal of this study was to see the relative contribution of system-related and psychological feature parts to diagnostic error and to develop a comprehensive operating taxonomy.

Methods 100 cases of diagnostic error involving internists were known through autopsy discrepancies, quality assurance activities, and voluntary reports. every case was evaluated to spot system-related and psychological feature factors underlying error exploitation record reviews and, if doable, supplier interviews. [1]

Burnout and Self-Reported Patient Care in an Internal Medicine Residency Program

Background: Burnout could be a syndrome of depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, and a way of low personal accomplishment. very little is understood regarding burnout in residents or its relationship to patient care.

Objective: to work out the prevalence of burnout in medical residents and explore its relationship to self-reported patient care practices. [2]

Internist-I, an Experimental Computer-Based Diagnostic Consultant for General Internal Medicine

INTERNIST-I is associate degree experimental malicious program capable of constructing multiple and sophisticated diagnoses in general medicine. It differs from most alternative programs for computer-assisted designation within the generality of its approach and also the size and variety of its cognitive content. To document the strengths and we tend toaknesses of the program we performed a scientific analysis of the capabilities of INTERNIST-I. Its performance on a series of nineteen clinicopathological exercises (Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital) revealed within the Journal appeared qualitatively just like that of the hospital clinicians however inferior to it of the case discussants. The analysis incontestible that the current sort of the program isn’t sufficiently reliable for clinical applications. Specific deficiencies that has to be overcome embody the program’s inability to reason anatomically or temporally, its inability to construct differential diagnoses spanning multiple downside areas, its occasional attribution of findings to improper causes, and its inability to elucidate its “thinking.” (N Engl J master’s degree. 1982; 307:468–76.).  [3]

Outline of a medical genetics curriculum for internal medicine residency training programs

To keep pace with the fast advances in medical genetic science, medical specialty residency coaching programs ought to train internists to develop new attitudes, data bases, and talent sets. Currently, such programs don’t have any medical genetic science info. Thus, to line a minimum normal for genetic science education within the context of coaching in medical specialty, the interior medication Residency educational program genetic science info Committee was fashioned, with members representing skilled organizations of medical geneticists, internists, genetic counselors, medical specialty and genetic science residency program administrators, and medical specialty residents. The committee’s task was to develop a laconic define of a medical genetic science info for residents in medical specialty in accordance with necessities of the Residency Review Committee for medical specialty of the certification Council for Graduate Medical Education. The info define was written and circulated for comment. Before publication, the ultimate document was approved by those member organizations that had a policy of approving curricula. Key learning objectives of the info embrace appreciation of the fast advances in genetic science, the requirement for womb-to-tomb learning, the requirement for referral, and also the role of genetic counselors and medical geneticists, furthermore as developing the power to construct and analyze a three-generation pedigree. a good sort of teaching strategies is helpful in these regards, as well as informative lectures, transmission CD- ROMs, and clinical expertise. Teaching ought to be associated with clinical experiences whenever attainable. The info developed by the committee and conferred during this article can assist in teaching residents the attitudes, knowledge, and skills they’ll need. [4]

Internal Medicine as a Career Choice among Rotatory Interns in a Developing Country- A Multi Centre Study

There is shortage of medical work force as well as internists in African nation. Young interns like bound specialties to the neglect of others. This creates a spot in health supply.

Objectives: The aim of the study was to see the speed of choice of medicine as a career selection and also the factors influencing career selection among turn interns in 3 (3) tertiary establishments in African nation specifically Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, University of Nigerian capital Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, Nigerian capital and Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi. [5]


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