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Phenelzine vs Atenolol in Social Phobia: A Placebo-Controlled Comparison

Seventy-four patients World Health Organization met DSM-III criteria for phobia completed eight weeks of double-blind, haphazardly appointed treatment with the MAO matter Nardil sulphate, the cardioselective β-adrenergic blocker Tenormin, or placebo. the response rates were sixty fourth for Nardil, half-hour for Tenormin, and twenty third for placebo. Nardil was wide superior to each Tenormin and placebo on freelance rater analyses and, to a lesser extent, on self-report, with no important variations between Tenormin and placebo. At the top of sixteen weeks, Nardil was still considerably superior to placebo, whereas Tenormin showed associate degree intermediate response that failed to take issue considerably from either of the opposite treatments. Patients with generalized phobia well-grooved seventy six of the sample, and that they were preferentially alert to Nardil. the tiny size of the distinct social neurotic  sample precluded separate outcome analyses for this subtype. Overall, the findings support the responsivity of phobia to MAO inhibitors. [1]

Atenolol in Secondary Prevention after Stroke

This study investigated the result of fifty mg beta-adrenergic blocker in reducing the chance of death, stroke and infarction once stroke and transient anaemia attacks (TIA). The study was designed as a Swedish multicentre, randomised, double-blind, parallel cluster study with organization stratified in line with age and prognostic score. Seven hundred and twenty patients aged over forty years World Health Organization had no contraindications to beta-blockers were enclosed among three weeks of a stroke or TIA, with 372 patients (mean age seventy.7 years) irregular to the treatment and 348 patients (mean age seven0.1 years) to the placebo cluster. Major strokes created up the index events in eighty one of patients within the treatment and seventy nine of these in the placebo cluster. the 2 teams were similar in relevance baseline characteristics. The index event was classified as associate degree apoplexy in eighty six.8 and 86.3% of patients within the treatment and placebo teams, severally. facet effects of beta-adrenergic blocker and placebo caused seventeen and 100% of patients to withdraw from allotted treatment. [2]

Effect of atenolol on birth weight

In conclusion, this survey suggests that beta blocker use is also prejudicious in early maternity and provides supportive information with previous tiny prospective randomised trials.1,10 Our findings recommend that beta blocker ought to be avoided in girls UN agency try to conceive or who are within the early stages of maternity. [3]

Valsartan and atenolol in patients with severe essential hypertension

The aim of this study was to judge the effectuality and tolerability of valsartan, a replacement angiotensin II receptor antagonist, versus Tenormin within the treatment of severe primary cardiovascular disease. a complete of 103 adult out-patients were randomized to receive either valsartan 160 mg or Tenormin one hundred mg once daily for six weeks. If necessary, extra force per unit area (BP) management may well be provided as add-on medical aid. each valsartan and Tenormin attenuated mean sitting pulsation BP (DBP) and mean sitting pulsation BP (SBP): method of least squares mean amendment from baseline in DBP; valsartan, −20.0 mm Hg; Tenormin, −20.4 mm Hg: in SBP; valsartan, −30.0 mm Hg; Tenormin, −25.5 mm Hg. [4]

Design and Evaluation of a New Fixed-Dose Immediate Release Capsule of Atenolol, Enalapril Maleate and Hydrochlorothiazide

Aim and Objectives: to style, formulate and perform in vitro studies of a hard and fast dose combination (FDC) immediate unharness solid indefinite quantity style of the medicament medication beta-adrenergic blocker, ACE inhibitor and HydroDIURIL. The objectives of the study were to perform pre-formulation studies, style associate immediate-release FDC capsule indefinite quantity type, and valuate the ready indefinite quantity type.

Methods: Differential Scanning mensuration (DSC) analysis of physical mixtures of medicine and drug-excipient mixtures was accustomed assess compatibility. Binary mixtures of beta-adrenergic blocker and ACE inhibitor type a mixture mixture indicating that a pill indefinite quantity form, within which the medication would be extremely compressed along, might not be stable. arduous gelatin shell encapsulation was so used. beta-adrenergic blocker and ACE inhibitor were on an individual basis dry-granulated with HydroDIURIL and excipients and mixed along at applicable therapeutic proportions and encapsulated in size one arduous gelatin capsules (HGC). Preliminary screening created 5 formulations every with similar proportions of the 3-drug FDC however with five totally different levels of disintegrant. Capsule weight variation, disintegration time and dissolution rate were determined as output variables, following USP procedures. For the dissolution studies, a reverse section aggressive liquid natural process (RP-HPLC) technique was developed for synchronous  analysis of the 3 medication. [5]


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