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Wheat flour milling.

This book with sixteen chapters brings along several ideas and new innovative approaches to theory and follow in flour edge. the subsequent topics area unit discussed: wheat as a staple, the flour edge laboratory, wheat storage and mixing, wheat improvement and acquisition, grinding, sieving, purification, mill style, flour handling and mixing, edge of durum, edge of sentimental wheat, air within the flour edge business, mill method management, mill maintenance, food safety and hygiene within the grinder, and mill management. [1]

Flour components affecting paste and noodle colour

The influence of elements conducive to the color and brightness of flour, flour paste and Chinese and Japanese vogue noodles has been investigated. variations in brightness and yellow were due to wheat variety, edge extraction rate, macromolecule content, starch harm and brown and yellow pigments. [2]

Arabinoxylans and Endoxylanases in Wheat Flour Bread-making

For the past fifty years the operate of arabinoxylans in bread-making has been the topic of abundant discussion and difference of opinion. within the last decade, these molecules are place within the spotlight once more put down alia thanks to the increasing use of endoxylanases in European wheat and rye flour bread-making processes. This revived interest has LED to sizeable advances within the understanding of each arabinoxylan and endoxylanase functionalities in bread-making. we have a tendency to here gift a survey of the relevant work. data of each the substrate (arabinoxylan) and therefore the accelerator (endoxylanase), similarly as of recently discovered endoxylanase inhibitors, is summarised. [3]

Wood volatiles as attractants of the confused flour beetle, Tribolium confusum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Confused flour beetles square measure serious pests of hold on grain merchandise, and thus, it’s necessary to expeditiously monitor and management their populations. Aggregation pheromones square measure commercially used for observance this beetle however their effectivity has been questioned and that they is also inadequate for sensible use. Food attractants further as pheromones square measure normally used for observance stored-product insects. However, food attractants might not be effective within the case of food handling facilities, that square measure already full of food odours. The ancestors of flour beetles might are related to dead or moldering woody vegetation, therefore we tend to investigated the attractiveness of many wood odours to beetles employing a pitfall olfactometer. [4]

Nutritional and Quality Characteristics of White Maize Ogi Flour Enriched with Moringa oleifera Seed

Aim: Aim is to research the result of boiling and fermentation of Moringa oleifera (M. oleifera) seed on nutritionary quality of enriched maize ogi flour.

Place and Duration: The study was meted out within the Department of Food Science and Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Nigeria, between May-December, 2014.

Methodology: Raw and treated M. oleifera seed were wet polished at the side of soured maize within the magnitude relation 80:20 and sieved to get enriched ogi suspension. The suspension was dewatered, dried and polished to get ogi flour. Ogi ready from 100 percent maize was used as management. [5]


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