Latest News on Antibiotics : March – 2020

Peptide antibiotics

The era of the “classical antibiotic” may be over. The emergence of resistance has seen to that. Yet no truly novel class of antibacterial agent has come on the market in the past 30 years. [1]

Antibiotics for Emerging Pathogens

Antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria are increasingly prevalent in hospitals and the community. New antibiotics are needed to combat these bacterial pathogens, but progress in developing them has been slow. [2]

Bacteria Subsisting on Antibiotics

Antibiotics are a crucial line of defense against bacterial infections. Nevertheless, several antibiotics are natural products of microorganisms that have as yet poorly appreciated ecological roles in the wider environment. [3]

Irrational Use of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance in Southern Rural Bangladesh: Perspectives from Both the Physicians and Patients

Aims: Antibiotic resistance is one of the widely recognized public health challenges in Bangladesh. The present study was aimed to analyze the current status of irrational use of antibiotics in rural Bangladesh and to explore the views from both physicians’ and patients’ perspective.
Study Design: Population based survey.

Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics: Current Situation in Sudan

Aims: This work was conducted to evaluate the antimicrobial resistance of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria of human and animal origin to commonly used antibiotics in Sudan according to the previous studies on antimicrobial resistant. [5]


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