Astronomers spot signs of supermassive part mergers

New analysis, revealed nowadays within the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, has found proof for an oversized variety of double supermassive black holes, doubtless precursors of mammoth part merging events. This confirms this understanding of cosmological evolution—that galaxies and their associated black holes merge over time, forming […]

The swing doctors: scientist cracks code on material that works as each conductor, insulator

Quantum materials area unit a sort of weird substance that would be persistently additional economical at conducting electricity through our iPhones than the normally used conductor silicon—if solely physicists will crack however the things works. A University of Michigan scientist has gotten one step nearer with particularization a unique quantum […]

Research provides new clues to origins of mysterious atmospheric waves in Antarctica

Research team finds link between gravity waves in the upper and lower Antarctic atmosphere, helping create a clearer picture of global air circulation By Katie Weeman Two years after a research team discovered a previously unknown class of waves rippling continuously through the upper Antarctic atmosphere, they’ve uncovered tantalizing clues […]

A mathematical view on cell packing

A key challenge in the embryonic development of complex life forms is the correct specification of cell positions so that organs and limbs grow in the right places. To understand how cells arrange themselves at the earliest stages of development, an interdisciplinary team of applied mathematicians at MIT and experimentalists […]