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Latest Research News on Vector Space : April 21

[1] Space vector PWM control of dual three-phase induction machine using vector space decomposition The technique of vector space decomposition control of voltage source inverter fed dual three-phase induction machines is presented in this paper. By vector space decomposition, the analytical modeling and control of the machine are accomplished in […]

Latest Research on Artificial Neural Network: March – 2020

Artificial neural networks (the multilayer perceptron)—a review of applications in the atmospheric sciences Artificial neural networks are appearing as useful alternatives to traditional statistical modelling techniques in many scientific disciplines. This paper presents a general introduction and discussion of recent applications of the multilayer perceptron, one type of artificial neural […]

Latest News on Fourier Coefficients Research: Dec – 2019

Improved Fourier coefficients for maps using phases from partial structures with errors Unrefined or partly refined models of macromolecules square measure usually incomplete and usually have giant coordinate errors. it’s shown that section likelihood equations applicable for an ideal partial structure cause inaccurate estimates of section possibilities in such cases. […]

Latest Research on Optimal Control Approach: Nov – 2019

An optimal control approach to a posteriori error estimation in finite element methods This article surveys a general approach to error management and reconciling mesh style in Galerkin finite component strategies that’s supported duality principles as utilized in best management. Most of the prevailing work on a posteriori error analysis […]

Latest Research News on Linear Equation: Nov – 2019

The reduced linear equation method in coupled cluster theory. A numerical procedure for expeditiously determination giant systems of linear equations is given. The approach, termed the reduced equation (RLE) methodology, is illustrated by determination the systems of linear equations that arise in linearized versions of coupled‐cluster theory. The nonlinear coupled‐cluster […]

Latest Research News on Convergence Analysis: Oct – 2019

Convergence analysis of canonical genetic algorithms This paper analyzes the convergence properties of the canonical genetic algorithmic rule (CGA) with mutation, crossover and proportional copy applied to static optimisation issues. it’s verified by suggests that of homogenized finite Markov chain analysis that a CGA can ne’er converge to the world […]

Latest Research News on Markov Model: Oct – 2019

Hidden Markov model decomposition of speech and noise The problem of automatic speech recognition within the presence of meddling signals and noise with applied mathematics characteristics starting from stationary to quick dynamical and impulsive is mentioned. a way of signal decomposition victimisation hidden Andrei Markov models is delineated . this […]

Latest Research News on Epidemic Model Research: Sep – 2019

A generalization of the Kermack-McKendrick deterministic epidemic model In this paper the Kermack-McKendrick settled model is generalized, introducing associate degree interaction term during which the dependence upon the quantity of infectives happens via a nonlinear delimited operate which can take into consideration saturation phenomena for giant numbers of infectives. associate […]