News Update on Dam Construction Research: Oct – 2019

A global boom in hydropower dam construction Human population growth, economic development, climate change, and the need to close the electricity access gap have stimulated the search for new sources of renewable energy. In response to this need, major new initiatives in hydropower development are now under way. At least […]

Latest Research on River Basin: Oct – 2019

Measuring the total economic value of restoring ecosystem services in an impaired river basin: results from a contingent valuation survey Five system services that would be restored  on a 45-mile section of the Platte River were delineated  to respondents employing a building block approach developed by associate degree knowledge domain […]

Modulating plant growth–metabolism coordination for sustainable agriculture

Enhancing global food security by increasing the productivity of green revolution varieties of cereals risks increasing the collateral environmental damage produced by inorganic nitrogen fertilizers. Improvements in the efficiency of nitrogen use of crops are therefore essential; however, they require an in-depth understanding of the co-regulatory mechanisms that integrate growth, […]

New Global Warming Research

Research No: – 1 INVESTIGATION OF THE SPRAY AND FLAME STRUCTURE CHARACTERISTICS OF JATROPHA BIODIESEL USING SIMPLEX AIRBLAST ATOMIZER In the current scenario, the global warming and the climate change due to the emission liberated by conventional fossil fuel would show the adverse impact on the globe. The efforts for […]