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News Update on English Speaking : Feb – 2020

International students in English-speaking universities: Adjustment factors International students in institutions of higher education in English-speaking countries make valuable educational and economic contributions. For these benefits to continue, universities must become more knowledgeable about the adjustment issues these students face and implement appropriate support services. This review identifies factors that […]

Latest Research News on Female Students Research: Sep – 2019

Educational and Vocational Aspirations of Minority and Female Students: A Longitudinal Study This study examined the relative importance of faculty, family, personal/psychological, race, and sex variables in predicting instructional and occupation aspirations. A across the nation sample distribution of 10th‐grade students was followed through two years on the far side […]

News Update on Foreign Language Research: Sep – 2019

Foreign Language Learning; A Psycholinguistic Analysis of the Issues. The purpose of this volume is to gather numerous materials addressing the psychological aspects of foreign learning and bilingualism. The materials are organized for the employment of persons fascinated by foreign language “Compensatory Instruction,” that involves the notion of adjusting the […]