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Latest Research on Career Influence: May 2020

Youth Perspectives on Parental Career Influence The role of parents in youth career development is generally acknowledged though, often, perfunctorily. This inquiry examines youth perceptions of parental influence on their career development. We ask young men and women about specific career development attitudes and behaviors that bear on their relations […]

News Update on Emotional Labour Research: Jan – 2020

Development and validation of the Emotional Labour Scale This paper describes the event and validation of the Emotional Labour Scale (ELS) as tested on samples of 296 and 238 respondents. The ELS could also be a 15‐item self‐report questionnaire that measures six facets of emotional display within the workplace, including […]

News Update on International Politics Research: Jan – 2020

Power in International Politics The concept of power is central to diplomacy . Yet disciplinary discussions tend to privilege just one , albeit important, form: an actor controlling another to try to to what that other wouldn’t otherwise do. By showing conceptual favoritism, the discipline not only overlooks the various […]