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Latest Research on Career Progression : July – 2020

The informal dimension of human resource management in Korea: Yongo, recruiting practices and career progression This research reports on the influence of informal social networks in Korea (i.e. Yongo) on recruitment and promotions practices of large, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). By using a social network theory frame, this research […]

Latest Research on Keratinocyte : July – 2020

Extracellular matrix and keratinocyte migration We are just beginning to understand some of the cellular mechanisms involved in human keratinocyte migration on extracellular matrix. Extracellular matrix components have differing effects on keratinocyte motility. Signalling through integrin receptors and secretion of collagenase are both components of this process. An understanding of […]

Latest Research on Nutritional Supplements : July – 2020

Consumption of nutritional supplements among adolescents: usage and perceived benefits The aim of the study was to obtain rich qualitative data about the type of nutritional supplements and drinks consumed by adolescents, and the reasons for their consumption, with particular emphasis on the perceived benefits of nutritional supplementation. Semi-structured focus […]