Latest News on Forest Reserve : April 21

[1] Land‐use and cover changes (1988–2002) around budongo forest reserve, NW Uganda: implications for forest and woodland sustainability Land‐use and cover changes around Budongo Forest Reserve (BFR) were analysed from multi‐temporal LandSat images (1988 and 2002) and associated field‐based studies in 2003–2004. Three major land‐use and cover classes: forest/woodland, sugarcane […]

News Update on coleoptera April-21

[1] Folia entomologica hungarica Taxonomic-systematic elaboration and zoogeographic-faunagenetical evaluation of the terricolous Scydmaenidae inhabiting the tropical South America, the temperate Valdivia and Jamaica of the Caribbean islands. The following nine new genera are described (Archiconnus, Napochomorphus, Euconnomorphus, Heteroscydmus, Pseudoraphes, Alloraphes, Pseudoconnus, Mimoscydmus, Microraphes), further six new subgenera (Conoscydmaenus and Parageoscydmaenus […]

Latest Research on Flour April-21

[1] Pasting properties of different wheat flour-hydrocolloid systems The effect of several hydrocolloids on the pasting properties and gelling behaviour of wheat flour was investigated. The influence of the selected hydrocolloids (guar gum, pectin, alginate, κ-carrageenan, xanthan and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC)) on wheat flour was tested by using two different techniques: amylograph and differential scanning […]

Latest Research on GIS Techniques: April 2021

A methodological approach of climatological modelling of air temperature and precipitation through GIS techniques This study proposes an empirical methodology for modelling and mapping the air temperature (mean maximum, mean and mean minimum) and total precipitation, all of which are monthly and annual, using geographical information systems (GIS) techniques. The […]